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Future Project Planned, October 2013 Update

Future Project Planned, October 2013 Update

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This past summer, a friend of FMSA, while visiting Agua Dulce Beach Resort on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula, sponsored a swimming party there for a group of local children. They spent the afternoon enjoying the pool, hot dogs, burgers and the sweet treats that poured out of a piñata. They were accompanied by an elderly grandmother-figure who, along with other family members, cares for about 15 children.

As a result of this, FMSA became aware of the extremely difficult circumstances and deplorable living conditions of this 79 year-old grandmother. We decided to build a structure to provide adequate housing for her and to regularly provide food for this “family”. We expect to begin construction on the house in January and expect it to be completed in February 2014.

See photos of the home and grandmother FMSA will be helping