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Update February 2014: FMSA Builds Its 20th Home

Update February 2014: FMSA Builds Its 20th Home

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Project: Grandma’s House

zzzzzzz 001In our October 2013 update, we revealed our plan to provide housing and food for a 79 year-old grandmother who was in extremely difficult circumstances and deplorable living conditions. We are happy to report that demolition of the shanty structure began on January 12, 2014. By February 10, a new home, complete with running water, electricity, stocked refrigerator, stove, ceiling fan, furniture and linens were presented to this very grateful lady.

After a brief prayer and ribbon-cutting ceremony, family, friends and volunteers gathered at Grandma’s new house to celebrate with cake and gifts for all the children. FMSA is committed to providing food on an ongoing basis for Grandma and the children she cares for.

FMSA would like to thank the congregation of Peters Creek Presbyterian Church of Venetia, Pennsylvania for their generous monetary gift that covered half of our costs in building this house. We would also like to thank an individual who made a very generous donation at our annual golf outing, which covered the other half. Our thanks to the Peters Creek Church‘s mission team, who worked tirelessly painting, staining, landscaping, hanging curtains, cleaning, etc.

Most importantly, we thank Our Lord, Who ultimately is the Provider of all that we need to accomplish all that He directs us to do. To Him alone be the glory! As God used FMSA and our supporters to bless Grandma, He used Grandma to bless us. As the mission team and other volunteers were tearing down the old shanty, constructing and finishing the new home, Grandma sat in the yard in the shade of a big tree, playing her guitar and singing songs of praise to Jesus. What a blessing! God is so good.

After the house-warming celebration, FMSA and the Peters Creek Mission Team headed to the local soccer field with fifty pairs of soccer shoes donated by a student from Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania.

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