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February – March 2017 Update

February – March 2017 Update

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On his most recent trip to Costa Rica, FMSA President, Mitch Zychowski, took his daughter and two first-time volunteers.   The group visited both of our partnering churches, Iglesia Mision Apostolica La Fe In Cristo and Comunidad Cristiana Luz y Esperanza.  The group jumped right in, helping with whatever needed to be done—cooking, cleaning, and spending time with the children.  They also had opportunity to get to know many of the local volunteers.  The experience was a blessing for all those involved.  

FMSA would like to thank those faithful Costa Rican people who give their time, energy and prayers on behalf of the children FMSA has the privilege to help, as well as the churches who provide the space and ministry to those who come to them for food.  We also want to express our great appreciation to those who help FMSA through financial and prayer support.  Most importantly, we are thankful to our God who has given us the opportunity to serve Him in this way and has enabled us to continue in His work through the years.   At this time FMSA is providing approximately 5,000 nutritious lunches per month.

Please take a few minutes to see the photos from this most recent trip.