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November 2019: Vietnam Trip II

November 2019: Vietnam Trip II

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As you may recall, last year my travel buddy, Billie Hall and I (Mitch) made a trip to Việt Nam.  I wanted to retrace my steps and go back to the places where I served and fought during the war nearly a half-century ago.  Although that trip was a wonderful healing experience for me, there were still places that I didn’t get to.  So, Billie and I traveled back this November and got to see the rest of the country.  I saw many more places that I remembered from my military service and it was comforting to see how the country has survived the devastation of war, and has become a place of beauty once again.  The visit was healing for me.  The Vietnamese people love Americans. I got to spend time and share meals with people, some of whom had been my enemies and some who had been my allies. I feel that I have received the “Welcome Home” that I did not receive when I returned to the US in 1970. I am grateful for the opportunity and for the healing that came with it.

Even though much of the devastation has been regrown and rebuilt, we also saw some ongoing tragedies of the war.  We re-visited the “Christina Noble Children’s Foundation”, an orphanage/school/hospital.  There we saw again the ravaging long-term effects of Agent Orange on a third generation of Vietnamese, many of whom are mentally/emotionally challenged and/or physically crippled and deformed.  While there, we made a $1000 donation to the foundation on behalf of FMSA.

Please pray for the people of Việt Nam.  The live in a communist country where the Gospel is only allowed to be spoken within the walls of achurch.  Pray that God would raise up pastors, teachers and churches so that the Vietnamese people will have the opportunity to learn of the Savior they so desperately need.

Please take time to look at some pictures from our November trip.