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February 2020 Update: FMSA Opens New Kitchen

February 2020 Update: FMSA Opens New Kitchen

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Since August of last year, FMSA has been partnering with another church, Fuente de Vida Eterna, to provide approximately 3000 meals per month for local children.  The church had no space adequate to prepare this number of meals nor to accommodate the number of children.  This necessitated the addition of a second floor to the church, which would include a dining room with seating capacity for 80 children, a kitchen, storage room, and an office.  The office now serves as FMSA’s main location, and provides space for our Costa Rican staff.

The Grand Opening of the dining room was celebrated on Wednesday, February 19, with songs of worship, a prayer for blessing of the food, and the feeding of over 80 children.  Please take a look at the pictures of the new facility and the Grand Opening celebration

We thank our Lord for continuing to use and bless our ministry.  We also are thankful for our donors and volunteers who have helped make this undertaking a success.