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San Miguel

San Miguel

Inspired by what God had accomplished through Feed My Sheep Association (FMSA), at the shantytown in Tibas, and recognizing that true hope comes only with faith in the true God, we decided to extend the scope of our mission. Our desire was to feed people spiritually as well as physically- to teach them of God’s love demonstrated in the sacrifice of His own Son for the salvation of sinners. We began to pray that God would lead us to a Christian church in Costa Rica with that same passion.

At the same time, a small congregation near San Jose was praying that God would lead someone to help them extend their ministry. For four long years, the members of the church, Templo Cristiano La Hermosa, in San Miguel, Desamparados, had dreamed of opening their kitchen to the many hungry children in the area. Inadequate facilities and lack of financial resources kept them from realizing their dream.  The Lord answered the prayers of both by bringing the two groups together. Through a mutual acquaintance, FMSA was introduced to the church’s husband and wife pastoral team. In October 2009, the two groups set out to feed hungry children one balanced meal a day as well as their spiritual “Daily Bread.”

FMSA, working with the congregation, cleaned, painted and did necessary repairs to the church’s large kitchen. We purchased a refrigerator and a large freezer and built a storage room to serve as a pantry. FMSA provides the food to feed more than 150 children (who have no fathers) one meal a day. The church provides the caring hearts and hands that prepare and serve the meals.  Before the meal, the children (and their mothers) hear a bible lesson, whetting their appetites to learn more of the Word of God. It is our prayer that the women and children who now arrive at the church at mealtime on Monday through Friday, would begin to join the congregation for Sunday morning worship–and hear and believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

As we continue to have contact with these struggling mothers, we hope to do more to improve their difficult circumstances. We look forward to a day when FMSA can build small homes for the neediest of these families.FMSA hopes someday to provide job training and life skills classes so that they are better equipped to care for their children and themselves.