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Our Leadership

Our Leadership

Mitchell Zychowski

Mitch Zychowski

Mitchell Zychowski is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the United States, where he enjoys being a husband, father and grandfather. For over 30 years, he has been involved in restaurant advertisement and non-profit fundraising. He is currently an owner/manager of M&M Publications, a privately held corporation based in Pittsburgh, which publishes the Enjoy® Coupon Book, a discount membership program doing business in three states. Because the Enjoy® Book is largely sold for fundraising, Mitch has amassed a wealth of experience working along side over 350 charitable organizations every year. In Costa Rica, he is a major shareholder in Agua Dulce Lodge, on the Osa Peninsula. Driven by his compassion for needy people of Costa Rica, and the children in particular, he has become the founder/director of Feed My Sheep Association.

Steve Layne

steve_lgSteve Layne was born and raised in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the United States. He has worked in the restaurant business for over twenty years and currently owns and operates a successful restaurant in those same South Hills. His years in the restaurant business have afforded him opportunities to meet many people from all walks of life. That is how he met Mitch Zychowski and learned of his charitable work in Costa Rica, helping destitute women and children. After visiting the country to see first hand the work Feed My Sheep Association was doing in Costa Rica, he decided to get involved. Although he was already working with two other charitable organizations in the Pittsburgh area, he was determined to help FMSA in any way he could. His talent for promoting and raising money has made Steve a welcome and valuable addition to FMSA. His knowledge and experience have enabled him to take FMSA’s annual charity golf outing to a new level. Although most of his charitable efforts are now directed to FMSA, he remains actively involved with his local church as well as Family Services of Western Pennsylvania.

Oscar Villalobos Gardela

Oscar Villalobos Gardela Oscar Villalobos Gardela was born and raised in Puerto Jimenez, on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula. He is a professional fisherman and a knowledgeable construction manager, but his greatest passion is for the land that he and his family call home. Oscar is actively involved in anything and everything that might impact the Osa. This includes repairing local roads, working to protect the ecological balance and beauty of the land and water, providing employment for many locals, building an addition to the elementary school for handicapped children and erecting a local church building. The energy that Oscar has put into his passion has earned him the appreciation and respect of both local residents and foreign tourism business owners, all of whom benefit from both the short and long term effects of such effort. Oscar’s entrepreneurial ventures on the Osa include ownership of Las Islas Lodge, as well as partnership in Agua Dulce Lodge.


Gloriana Seavers

Gloriana Seavers is a native of San Jose, Costa Rica. She is married and the mother of two grown sons. She has a servant’s heart and her desire is to help people—especially children. Gloriana first heard about FMSA in 2007 through her cousin, Oscar Villalobos Gardela. When she was introduced to Mitch Zychowski, she shared his vision of providing healthy meals for hungry children. Since that first meeting, Gloriana has been a vital part of FMSA. She serves as an administrator and liaison between FMSA and the churches who partner with us. Mondays through Fridays, Gloriana travels by bus to each of our sites to oversee the preparation and distribution of food to the children. Her day­ to­day responsibilities include: cooking, shopping, taking inventory, keeping attendance and other records. Gloriana’s love of the Lord and passion for children is obvious in the joy she receives from all her hard work on the children’s behalf. Her desire is to be used by God and bring glory to Him through her service to FMSA.