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Volunteering in Costa Rica

Volunteering in Costa Rica

The owners of Agua Dulce Beach Resort are committed to giving back to the Osa Peninsula community. As needs have arisen, we have provided both money and helping hands.

We recently helped to build a church so that a small congregation could have a place for worship and fellowship.

When we learned that handicapped children were being denied an education because of inadequate facilities, we acted. Building an addition to the elementary school, we were able to provide a place where physically challenged children could learn.

As part of a community effort, we helped provide housing for needy Costa Rica families. Partnering with Feed My Sheep Association, as well as local businesses and civic groups, we purchased materials to build seven houses. We then set to work erecting the houses, which were donated to seven families who had previouslly been living in dirt-floored shacks.

In the spirit of that commitment,Agua Dulce Beach Resort is happy to offer generously discounted rates on accommodations for missionaries and volunteers willing to donate their time to help the local community. Individuals/groups may contact Mitch for availability and further information.